One Hour of Work equals 40,000 views on YouTube

SEO and Social Media experts all over the world agree on one thing – great content is worth sharing.

Creating great SEO content for your website will keep visitors coming back for more.  Submitting this content through social media will get you and your business the positive online exposure you want.

The video above is a great example of this.  Some of you might remember the VW Superbowl advert that went viral – it got almost 17 million views on YouTube.  This is an extreme example of how easy it is for content to go viral on the internet.

Well, a good friend of mine decided he would try his hand at creating a viral video for YouTube.  You can watch this video above.  It took him all of an hour to create, upload and promote.  Within a few days the video had received almost 40,000 views.

Now imagine if my friend owned a cat food business (he’s a video editor, by the way), or looked after rescue animals and needed donations – having a simple link to his website associated with the video would surely have brought him some great exposure.

SEO Tip of the Week

Create great content for your website.  Yes, it does take a time commitment from you, but the benefits are totally worth it.  It will make your website more Google friendly and your SEO and website rankings will improve if you create good content.