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Join SEMclub – Because doing SEO on your own can feel like you’re getting the shit kicked out of you for no good reason.

My name is Steve Deane, and those are not my abs.

I’ve been a web developer since 1999, an SEO professional since 2008, and an SEMrush user since 2013.

Join SEMrush as an affiliate of mine, and get all this extra. For free.

Firstly, why SEMrush?

Short story, it’s the ultimate swiss army knife when it comes to SEO software.

It’s the only piece of SEO software you’ll need to run your business.

Slightly longer version, you can do technical SEO audits, rank tracking, backlink audits, competition analysis, monthly client reporting, schedule and post to social media, optimise content, generate content templates for on-page SEO.

Long story, I’ll cover all the features in detail in the exclusive free training below.

It’s the one tool to rule them all.

Freebies for joining SEMclub

1/ Exclusive SEMrush training

Get the most out of the software with this exclusive training, including LOTS of case studies.

Having the software is one thing, using it to save you a crap load of time & effort, while getting the best results for your clients is another.

2/ How to Design a Website According to Google

This is gold.

I have in my possession some documents from a Google employee marked “private and confidential”.

I can’t show you them (because no one wants to be sued by Google).

But I can show you the websites that Google themselves hold up as examples of great design and user experience.

And, crucially, why they like them.

3/ Like Club

We all like each others Facebook pages, and like and comment on posts when we see them.

Others will do the same for you.

No more releasing posts to the sound of crickets.

The Facebook Algorithm will love you. And you won’t feel so depressed because no one likes your stuff.

4/ Comment Club

Similar to Like Club, but we comment on each others blog posts.

Power in numbers.

The Google Algorithm likes a bit of this.

5/ Stop Scope Creep Forever, While Increasing the Value of The Sale

I sold WordPress websites for $3,950 + addons, and never suffered from scope creep (once I worked out this method).

6/ SEO Case Studies

Lots of Them!

Stand on the shoulders of giants and replicate what they are doing for you and your own clients.

7/ Expert Interviews

I’ll interview the top SEO practitioners, asking them the questions YOU want.

Learn what’s working in the real world of SEO.

8/ SEO News You Can Use

You can use this content and put it straight into your newsletters and blogs (without getting pinged for duplicate content).

Learn yourself, while looking like a veritable SEO God to your clients.

9/ Software Subscription Discounts

Once we reach critical mass I will broker deals with the top software apps you already subscribe to and get better deals on pricing for you.

10/ Invite to Exclusive SEMclub Mastermind (somewhere hot!)

What’s better than a sun holiday?

That’s right, a tax deductible sun holiday.

Learn and network with the best in the business.

Covering Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO.

The invite is free, you need to cover the costs of getting there etc. More details at the time.

11/ Members Only Facebook group

Most of us work on our own which is boring AF.

Network and share with fellow SEO buddies.

12/ Live Coaching Calls

What to ask me a question?

No worries, jump on the call and ask.

Much more in the pipeline…

Holy Shit Batman… That’s a Great Deal… How Do I Join SEMclub?

I’m glad you asked.

1/ Start your 7 day free trial of SEMrush using the link below.

2/ Forward your SEMrush welcome email to [email protected]

3/ Once we have confirmed your account, you will be officially part on SEMclub and we’ll send you your access.

Important note, you must have an active SEMrush account to remain an active member of SEMclub.

Copy and paste the link below into an incognito window to ensure you are cookied to my account.

Are you already affiliated to my account?

Forward your welcome email to me – [email protected] – and I’ll check for you.

Already got an account, not affiliated to me?

No problem, you can simply pay €40/month to join via PayPal.

Got questions?

Leave them in the comments below.