Building a Google friendly website

While other search engines exist on the internet, the most popular one by a long way is Google.

Here are three tips about how to make your website ‘Google friendly’ and attract more visitors.

1. Give visitors useful information

The single most important thing you can do is provide high-quality content on your web pages, especially your homepage.

If your pages contain useful information, their content will attract many visitors and entice webmasters to link to your site.

To create a helpful, information-rich site, write pages that clearly and accurately describe your products and services.

You should also think about the words users would type to find your pages and include those words on your site.

2. Link other sites to yours

Links help Google’s ‘web crawlers’ find your site and can give your site greater visibility in our search results.

Google uses sophisticated text-matching techniques to display pages that are both important and relevant to each search. Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote by page A for page B. Votes cast by pages that are rated as ‘important’ count for more and help to make other pages ‘important.’

Only ‘natural links’ to your site are useful for the indexing and ranking of the site. These links develop as part of the dynamic nature of the web, when other sites find your content valuable and think it would be helpful for their visitors.

3. Make your site easily accessible

Your site should be built with a logical link structure, with every page reachable from at least one static text link.

You can use a text browser, such as Lynx, to examine your site as this browser sees your site in much the same way as Google’s web spiders.

If features such as JavaScript, cookies, session IDs, frames, DHTML, or Macromedia Flash keep you from seeing your entire site in a text browser, then spiders may have trouble crawling it.