Local SEO – the basics

The topic of Local Search Engine Optimisation will be covered in this SEO training video.


Local SEO Training Video

Local SEO primarily relates to what most people refer to as Google Maps, but Google themselves call it Google Places.  Google Places appears in a lot of business search results and therefore plays a role in any good SEO strategy.

If your business has a physical address then you should claim your Google Place now.  It’s free and it will get you found in more search engine results pages (SERPs) if you are targeting local keywords as part of your SEO strategy.

Google say that at least 20% of all search queries now reference some town, city, state or country identifier.  For example, if you are looking to buy an iPhone in Fremantle or Perth, you are most likely going to search for “iphone resellers perth” or “iphone resellers fremantle” rather than leaving yourself open to all the “iphone resellers” in Australia.


SEO Tip of the Week

When you do claim your place listing to fill out of much of it as you can.  This might sound obvious, but most people claim it and leave some of the fields blank.  Make sure you upload images and videos from YouTube if you have them.  This engages the person looking for your business and will generate more sales leads.

SEO is not about one big thing, it’s hundreds of little things.  Claim your Google Place today and move closer to page one domination.

If you would like to discuss this or any other SEO strategies, then contact your SEO consultant in Perth.


SEO Video Source: SEOmoz