Your Google AdWords Campaign

The keywords that you choose in conjunction with your Google AdWords program make all of the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a stagnant one. One of the most important aspects of a Google AdWords campaign is the ability to control how closely a keyword has to match up with a query before your ad is shown.

The proper balance in these match types will help you to weed out are not looking for your service at all. However, a match type that is to narrow will limit your ability to keep in touch with the customers who would purchase your product if they came into contact with it. Although there are no hard and fast limits, you should experiment with the technique until you find the appropriate balance for your business. Here are some of the technical aspects of match types that you should consider.

– Broad Match

You might want to place your ad on a broad match program if your product has a very specific niche. If people do not search for your product much but they search for similar products, you can use broad match to make sure that your ad shows up.

– Phrase Match

You can use this option if people tend to search for your keywords as a common phrase. However, you must be sure that this option does not open you to other connotations of any common words that you use as a keyword.

– Exact Match

Exact matches are a great option if you already have some clout. This can be done in conjunction with a strong keyword ad campaign to familiarize your audience with the phrasing that you prefer.

– Negative Match

If people have problems with your competition, a negative match can make sure that you show up while they are bashing them. You will then have the opportunity to provide the alternative to them.

Once you have your Google AdWords campaign going strong, you will be able to incorporate it easily into your overall search engine optimization campaign. There is a great deal of overlap between the two, and if you are having any trouble working out your SEO, then you may start with your AdWords campaign in order to get your footing.