SEO and Facebook

– How to Target the Audience that You Want

Targeting the audience that you want is as easy as testing your products for its preferred customer. You can then cross reference your results with the people who fit that profile on Facebook.

You can also begin the targeting process online by following the pages of your competitors. You can easily see who likes their products by looking on their lists of page likes (this is public knowledge on Facebook). By following their pages, you will also receive their updates. There is no better way to know firsthand when your competition is making a move then to “like” their company on Facebook!

One of the best tactics of smart marketers is to spy on the conversations that customers have with their competitors. Complaints that customers have on Facebook can easily be turned into a new product update or serve as fodder for the next advertising campaign. Because you also have access to the exact people who are looking for this improvement, you can market specifically to them.

– Improving the ROI of Your Targeting

Facebook allows you to target users based on their interests. This strategy that you will employ is known as “keyword placement.” This means that you will put popular and widespread indicator words inside of your ads so that Facebook will know where to place them on the website.

If you have previous knowledge of the demographics of your preferred audience, you can also limit the impressions of your ads to that audience specifically. For instance, if you only want to advertise 16-year-olds because you are selling a book for the SAT test, You can set this limitation inside of your Facebook ad. You can also limit and target by gender, geographic location and many other demographic and behavioural markers.

You may not have the information that you need in order to create a campaign of this caliber. In that case you can call upon outside services to help you improve the ROI of your targeting. They will help you to conduct the real-world tests that will let you know exactly who you should be targeting on Facebook. They will also let you know exactly how to get in touch with these people, the kinds of ads that they respond to and even the best times to place these ads on the social media platform.

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