Be Safe, Secure and Smart In Your Business’ Office Building

Being a business owner means you often have to wear a hundred different hats at once. You have to be creative, smart with your finances and always care about your employees. If you’re running an office you will be aware of the dangers and risks that come with it; from fire alarms to electrical safety you need to make sure everybody is safe at all times. You have a responsibility as a business owner to keep your employees safe and sound when they are under your roof. Make sure you have all of the following elements in place and you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Alarms and Alerts

Every office building should have safety alarm systems in place, especially fully functioning smoke alarms. You should get these tested frequently by a specialist company who can provide a seamless hassle free risk management solution. Make sure you hold regular fire drills so that your team are fully aware of the procedures in the rare, but possible event of a fire.

On Site Security

Depending on the size of your office building, it might put your mind at ease to hire on site security guards to get your members of staff safe at all times. If you don’t think this is necessary then you should certainly make sure that the entrances and exits are only accessible for people who work in e building. Whether you provide key fobs or special swipe passes, make sure every way in is secure and not open to the public.

Cyber Safety
Security isn’t always about the physical dangers around you; there are a number of cyber security issues that you might not be aware of all the time. You should fully brief your workers on the importance of staying safe online, especially when it comes to confidential information regarding your business. Their passwords should be kept secret and secure at all times and if they ever have to work remotely they always need to use a secured wifi network. Hackers are becoming more and more intelligent so it is important to stay one step ahead of them at all times.

hands over a laptop

Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed

In an office building you are likely to have rooms full of electronic equipment, from computers to printers. For the sake of the environment as well as the safety of your staff, make sure that their computers are switched off at the end of each day. Don’t overload plug sockets either as this could pose a seriously dangerous risk to everybody in the office.

So be sure to keep all of these things in check and you won’t have to worry about anything dangerous occurring in your office building. You should put every new member of your team through adequate health and safety training when they start working for you. It might also be useful to hold first aid training sessions so that you know there are a handful of people who are qualified in case of an emergency. With all of the relevant safety measures in place you can focus on being the creative entrepreneur that you are.