How Much Do You Really Care About Your Employees?

Employees are often seen as the lifeblood of a business. They’re the ones that keep the gears turning and they’re the ones that will help you maintain your business success. It’s important to remember that employees shouldn’t just be treated as disposable assets (although some successful businesses do this) especially if you’re a relatively new business or a startup that’s trying to make it big.

Taking care of your employees is important, so here are some strategies that can help you improve your relationship with your staff and show them that you care about their wellbeing.

Photo of employee working

Don’t Micromanage Staff

The first thing to keep in mind is micromanagement. Micromanagement causes more trouble than it’s worth and it’s an incredibly dangerous office mentality to adopt. It creates bottlenecks because you’re forcing everyone to have their work examined before being accepted, and you also severely reduce the trust that your employees have in you. If you want to create a productive office culture and show that you care about your employees, then looking over their shoulder is the worst way to go about it.

Provide Comfort

Whether it’s giving them extra days off after a successful project or buying ergonomic chairs for your office to prevent your employees getting a bad back, it’s important to care about their comfort at work. The more relaxed they are, the more productive they’ll be and the less distracted they become. Improving your workplace by adding a few comforts isn’t much of an investment but it goes a long way in proving that you care about the staff working in your business.

Relate to Them

It’s important to relate to your staff so that you’re not appearing as if you’re above or better than them. Yes, you’re in a management position and you give them orders, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to treat them like they’re beneath you. Make sure you relate to your staff whenever they have complaints or problems to show that you care about them. Communication in the office is more important than most business owners give it credit for, so be sure to take it seriously in order to create an effective and productive business culture.

Trust Employees Over Clients

When your employees get into an argument or problem with your clients then you need to analyse the situation. If you know that your employees are trustworthy then get rid of those clients as soon as possible. Trust that your employees will do a good job no matter the situation and always have their back no matter how much your clients are paying you. While it seems illogical to give up a deal for the sake of your employees, think of it this way; if your trusted employees are having trouble with a client, then it says a lot about the client’s temperament and shows that you shouldn’t be doing business with them.