Using Social Media to Drive SEO

The major search engines use top social media platforms to vet content. With this in mind, you can bet that increasing your investment on social media platforms will increase your visibility on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Here are a few ways that you can use social media in order to drive SEO.

1 – Get in touch with the top bloggers in your industry on social media.

The highest ROI activity for your social media activity is in making friends. People who are influential and who distribute your content on your behalf will give you more PR than you could generate with the biggest marketing budget in the world. Friends make your marketing content go viral. Friends keep your brands in the minds of your customers. Friends give you a reputation that you cannot give yourself.

Guest blogging on relevant websites is one of the best ways to build relationships with relevant and influential social media personalities. You can begin your relationship with these people by simply commenting on their blogs. Once that audience gets to know you as an expert in the field, you can upgrade yourself to a guest blogger by asking the permission of the webmaster. This will help to give you credibility in social media that you simply could not obtain in any other fashion.

You can also provide your service to other influential social media personalities who are not necessarily in your industry. If they like your service, they will promote you to their audience, giving you access to people who would otherwise completely ignore you. This is a great way to expand your audience without the use of a huge marketing budget.

2 – Ask for a retweet.

You may have been lucky enough to attract the attention of a social butterfly. If this is the case, you may simply ask that person for a retweet of your material. Some people are great at getting are their audiences to follow any and everything that they cosign. This is one of the best options to boost traffic because you do not have to compromise your opinion or your perspective – all that you need is the attention of one person in order to gain the attention of hundreds or thousands of people.

If you have yet to gain the attention of an industry butterfly, then you must seek out their approval. This is much easier than it seems – many of these individuals are actually looking for tech savvy people to help them with the nuts and bolts of the industry. If you come across as a true expert in your niche, then you will serve a valuable purpose for the promoter. Your name on their blog will increase your search engine visibility.

3 – Create a free bonus.

Known as a “lead magnet,” a free bonus is an offer that is specifically geared towards leading an audience away from one datastream into another. If you have located a competitor or a webmaster who is good at aggregating the audience that you prefer to do business with, then create an offer that this audience cannot refuse. If the offer is good enough, you can offer it in tandem with the promoter’s content.

You may want to consider working in tandem with larger businesses on social media. They will relieve you of the need to constantly promote yourself and spend money on a public relations campaign. Make an offer that their audience simply has to have, and give the companies the option to offer it for free on their membership sites. You will receive free PR as well as plenty of impressions on their website. This will eventually turn into attention that will lead to higher search engine visibility.