The truth about entrepreneurship

The truth about entrepreneurship: it’s fucking hard!

There I said it.

But let’s look at the alternative… you work for someone. That’s fucking harder!

Let’s just look at this concept I call “buying your life back”.

Disclaimer: this has only ever been a thought floating around in my head so hopefully I can explain it wonderfully here!

So every entrepreneur wants to be a millionaire, right?

But the truth is you only need enough money to buy your life back (at a minimum – always aim higher).

What do I mean by that? Well, your boss (if you have one) has bought your life from you. You agreed he could have your life for, say, $50k/year.

That’s how much you just sold yourself for. Pretty depressing right?

Ok, ok, I know he only bought 40 hours of your week, 50/week with “reasonable extra overtime”, 60/week just to get that one project done.

But still he basically owns your life right now.

He tells you what to do, when to arrive, when to leave, when to take holidays, where to sit, who to meet.

He fucking owns you.

Right, so that’s the bad news.

The good news is you only need $50k/year to buy your life back from him and still maintain the exact level of income and lifestyle you are accustomed to now.

But it’s hard to be an entrepreneur.

But it’s easier than working for a boss.

So here’s the even better news…

You know how to make websites. That’s worth a lot.

Let’s say you charge $2k per website. That’s only 25 websites per year, or 1 every 2 weeks.

You do SEO? Now you only need to sell SEO to a handful of those clients and you’ve doubled your income. 6-figures a year. Done.

So what’s my point here? Good question.

My point is…

If you have a boss, fire him.

If you are on the entrepreneurial journey, remember it’s hard, just don’t give up on it.

Working for the man sucks more!

Onwards and upwards,

Steve Deane