SEO Strategies: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Coat Hangers

Let’s suppose for a moment that you sold coat hangers.  Does that thought make you bored already?

Yes, you might think that this is the most boring item you could think of selling.  You would also be forgiven for thinking that no one in their right mind would share anything you had to say on Facebook, Twitter and the myriad of other social media platform out there.


Important aside:  Your search engine rankings are becoming more and more tied into social media status.  In its simplest form:  more love in social media = higher rankings in Google.


Knowing this, the owner of Hanger World set out to try to get some traction in Social Media.  His idea was simple.  Create a good, simple graphic that would make people smile.


As a result of sharing this image on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and others he achieved the following results:

  1. His website had circa an additional 300 visitors over the week, not a great deal but around about 5% of his weekly traffic for nothing!
  2. Out of his additional visitors he found that 9 had actually bought something (3% conversion rate from a random untargeted graphic!!)
  3. His Tumblr post was re-tagged 7 times. (that’s 7 links directly to his website!)
  4. His tweet was retweeted 4 times.
  5. His Pinterest pin was re-pinned once (so far)
  6. He got 2 Facebook likes and a few shares

Not bad for a start!

I hope this goes to show, that no matter how dull your subject matter, there is always something clever you can do to get more exposure for your brand.

Credits: seomoz and Hanger World