Don’t Think Instagram Can Capture Your Business?

Any business person worth their salt knows social media is an office essential. Forget extra staples and paper supplies. Modern business is all about scheduled posts and witty Tweet ideas. That’s just the way the contemporary consumer cookie crumbles. You’ve likely already built a following on sites like Twitter and Facebook to cater for this.

But, it would be naive to stop there. In truth, there are a few other platforms worth a mention. But, one which seems to be rivaling Twitter for businesses at the moment is Instagram. ‘What?’ you might be thinking. ‘What good could Instagram do my company? We don’t have anything to take pictures of!’

Think again. Even if your business doesn’t have obvious photogenic appeal, there are always picture opportunities. And, taking advantage of them can ensure you’re reaching the customers you wouldn’t otherwise. So, stop skipping out on Instagram, and work out a way to capture your business on this photo platform. To help you get started, we’re going to look at a few ways Instagram can help boost your sales.

laptop image with phone on top

What does your product do anyway?

The main benefit is that Instagram is a much more visual platform than its counterparts. Long-winded descriptions aside, Twitter followers may not know what your product does. But, with a quick demonstration on your Instagram stories, you can show a whole load of people just that in one easy click. You can also take daily pictures of your product doing its thing, and rest easy that your customers will get the idea.

Are there new customers on your horizon?

It’s also worth noting that with a new platform, comes new customers. Which has got to be a plus, right? Admittedly, this isn’t unique to Instagram. But, it still deserves a mention. Plus, people who don’t like platforms such as Twitter are often more comfortable with Instagram. So, you could find customers here who you wouldn’t come across elsewhere. Of course, you face the usual issues of how to get them to notice you. But, methods such as hashtag ladders can boost your business from this platform. As with anything, it just takes a little research and a patient approach.

Put a face to it

Social media is fantastic for businesses because it provides personality. And, that’s not always an easy thing to come by in this age of online operations. Yet, if people care about your business’ personality, they’re more likely to buy from you.

Witty Twitter posts are all well and good, but few social platforms create the personal aspect quite as well as Instagram. After all, on this platform, people will be able to see you. It’s pretty much like the old days of physical shops. Only, there’s a screen and two hundred miles between you… But, as social media goes, this is a fantastic way to build connections. By taking pictures of fun stuff you’re all doing in the office, you can create a sense of camaraderie, which is sure to lead to sales.