Disavow all links: Improve your ranking?

I have a number of websites that I personally own. They have become my playground online. They are where my research stems from. This week I did something interesting, and here are the initial results.

This weeks experiment was to find out what happens if you disavow every single link to your website. I am NOT recommending you do this – at least not without the supervision and advice from an SEO expert.

In theory if you disavow all links to your website then your website would have no links pointing towards it which would count for ranking purposes. But it makes sense that Google might have a safe guard in place. This safe guard, I suspect, would stop you unwittingly disavowing a good link.

2 days ago I exported all detected links to my test site from Google Webmaster Tools (https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/).  Then I uploaded and disavowed EVERY domain linking to my test website.   Google Disavow Tool – https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main

Preliminary results

blanket disavow experimentThis website had it’s highest ranking in 12 months just 2 days after the blanket disavow.  It’s a pretty competitive keyword too (over 12,000 monthly searches) so that’s a promising result.

I will wait to see how things pan out.  But I can tentatively say that Google do seem to have a safe guard against disavowing good links.

Warning: do not try this at home.  The website used is not a “money site”.