Business Booming? Here Are Some Areas You Could Consider Outsourcing

outsource your business
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If business is doing well and the cash is flowing, outsourcing different areas of your business could make things easier and more efficient for you. As well as not having to deal with these tasks yourself, you can also save yourself from getting into legal trouble due to errors being made, and mean you have peace of mind that each area of your business is performing to its best potential. Since outsourcing generally costs extra than keeping tasks in-house, it’s not something for the struggling business owner to consider. But if things are going well, here are just a few areas you could allocate to specialist companies to take care of your business’ needs.


Human resources deal with everything from hiring to firing, theft, bullying in the workplace and so much more. Since all of these things can have huge legal implications, you need to ensure that everything you do is being done fairly and by the book. Since employment law changes all the time, if you’re going to manage this in-house you need to ensure that you’re up to date on any changes and that everything is dealt with properly. This can be a huge responsibility, and so outsourcing your HR is a good option. If you choose a HR company, it’s their job to be up to date with the law and ensure everything is handled in a fair and legal manner. HR is also responsible for developing compensation packages which can include holiday or midyear bonus awards, and increases in pay. It develops training programs and ensures employees are motivated by reminding them of the company’s goals. It’s essential for keeping staff happy, which should be high on your agenda. Happy staff equals a lower turnover rate meaning you save money in recruitment, interviewing and training new candidates. It also means more worker satisfaction which equates to more productivity- great for them and more profits for you.


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If you’re the kind of company that sells and ships physical products, getting them out quickly and efficiently is key to your success. No one wants to be waiting for longer than they need to for items, and the boom of online shopping means that people have become accustomed to certain things such as redelivery options, free returns, and fast shipping. When you fulfill and ship your own orders, you will need to hire more staff as you grow. Recruiting and managing staff takes time and money, and if your company goes through slower periods, you might find yourself with an excess of people who you’re responsible for putting out of work. A fulfillment company such as Red Stag Fulfillment can adapt whether you have a lot of orders coming in one month and less another. Plus you don’t have to deal with the finding and hiring side of things. A fulfillment company is also going to be efficient at picking, packing and sending items since this is there one role- you do not have to stretch yourself or your staff thinly or worry about products not being packaged right. As well as saving yourself time and hassle, you might also save money too. Especially if you’re operating at a large scale, you might benefit from the packaging and shipping discounts they receive.


There’s much more to payroll than just calculating and paying the salary of employees. If things go wrong or a simple mistake is made you can end up in huge trouble with the tax man- fines against your business can cost you thousands. In fact, according to the IRS, there were more than two billion dollars paid in fines in small businesses as a result of mistakes, omissions, and filings done incorrectly. Payroll is a huge responsibility, and so rather than handling it yourself why not outsource to an accountant or a payroll service? If you already use an accountant for your company’s finances, this is another job they’re likely to be able to do. As it’s their job to keep up to date with the laws and remain extra vigilant, you have peace of mind and could save yourself a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

Blog Writing

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There are SO many great benefits of blogging for business, it’s something that modern business owners really should be on board with. It can boost your rankings in search engines which will eventually lead to more organic traffic, it helps you to build a following and makes your business look knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy. These are things that new customers will be looking for, so it’s great for gaining you more custom. However, you might not be well versed in blogging (unlike more formal writing it tends to be more personal has a distinct style and tone) or maybe you simply don’t have the time to fit this into your week. Luckily there are so many great sites where you can hire content writers for blog posts quickly, easily and cheaply it really is a no- brainer. You state the guidelines and topic, and you can have a well written, engaging and interesting piece ready to add to your company blog within just a day or two.

You can outsource one or two areas in your business or many of them. Have a think about what is likely to work best for you, what you could assign to other companies and what you can realistically do within your business. If you’re aiming to create a business which essentially ‘runs itself’, outsourcing is a great way to go since you do not have to oversee in-house tasks. You have peace of mind that everything is being performed in the very best way, and you can avoid audits, lawsuits and other issues due to things not being handled correctly by you or your staff.

Have you outsourced any areas of your business? If not, which tasks would you assign to professional companies in future to help the smooth running of your business?