15 of the Best SEO Bloggers You Need to Follow

Search engine optimisation is something that not many people fully understand due to how many different concepts it involves. It’s also something that constantly evolves, changing depending on trends that are happening in the industry. In order to fully understand SEO, you need to follow figureheads that are more than willing to share their latest finds, predictions and statistical data that can help you with your own SEO campaigns.

In order to give you a hand, here’s a collection of 15 different SEO bloggers and websites that you should follow if you want up to date information about the industry.

seo bloggers to follow

  1. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a website devoted entirely to statistical data and metrics. It’s a website that publishes a lot of articles on SEO but they also cover other subjects that can help with web design and internet trends. There are always new articles out and they’re not shy about covering a topic from a different angle for the sake of experimentation. They explore many subjects in a great amount of depth and their blog is full of useful tidbits of information that should be relevant to anyone looking to promote and expose their website with the power of SEO.

  1. HubSpot

One of the best things about HubSpot is how the content itself is structured and laid out. A lot of websites focus too much on the technical information and detail, meaning that a beginner has a rough time trying to understand the lingo and soaking in the information. To counteract this, HubSpot’s articles are presented in a much more informal and casual tone that reads more like a conversation than a traditional article.

  1. Google

Google’s blog is always full of useful information that is regularly updated. There’s information about the latest search trends, changes to the search engine itself and fantastic stories about their accomplishments.

  1. Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is filled with the industry’s leading experts on topics such as SEO and online marketing. There are plenty of analytical articles mixed in with opinion pieces and editorial-like articles. This makes Moz Blog one of the most informative and up-to-date blogs that you can follow if you’re interested in SEO.

  1. Matthew Woodward

Matthew is an SEO blogger I’ve been following for years.  The length and depth of his content is outstanding.  What I love most about his blog is that he produces excellent case studies and product tests.  They are easy to digest, and very informative.  Many SEO bloggers will give you “top 10” lists based purely on the products/services that pay the best affiliate commissions.  Not Matthew.  He genuinely uses and tests each product/service and produces data driven conclusions on which are best, including the pros and cons of each.

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  1. Search Engine Land

Search engine land is one of the most popular websites that anyone can visit for SEO-related articles. These are in the typical blog-style format meaning you’ll get top 10 lists, 5 ways to do something and a bunch of infographics to add into the mix. Among the advisory articles, there are also some analytical pieces and even news pieces about changes in the industry.

  1. /r/SEO

Reddit is a community that supports countless different subreddits, and one of the most useful sources of SEO information is the SEO subreddit. It’s an active community, meaning that your questions get answered fairly quickly and it’s common to have conversations with other users. It’s the perfect place to look for advice, but not so many the latest trends.

  1. Yoast SEO Blog

Yoast SEO is one of the leading plugins for content creators who are looking to optimise their articles for SEO purposes, so it’s no wonder that their own blog is full of useful content. If you’re looking for up-to-date information directly from one of the industry’s leading businesses, then look no further than Yoast’s blog.

  1. Search Engine Journal

If it’s excellent SEO opinions and voices you’re after, then Search Engine Journal has you covered. This website focuses mainly on guest posts, meaning that you’ll always get expert opinions on a variety of subjects and in many different voices. There are some great videos associated with some articles and there is plenty of varied content for everyone.

  1. Search Engine Watch

Much like Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch covers a lot of the latest developments and news to grace the SEO industry. This is a fantastic alternate source of information for when Search Engine Land is down, getting stale, or isn’t being updated.

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  1. Neil Patel’s Blog

There haven’t been many personal brands on this list, so here’s the first one. Neil Patel is a digital marketing expert that has been thriving in the industry for a lengthy time. He has plenty of blog posts, videos, podcasts and even some helpful tools to give you a hand in your own marketing campaigns.

  1. Growth Hackers

Growth hackers feature some fun and unique tips for digital marketers to grow their businesses. It’s a great place to look for offbeat tips, but it’s also a good location to search for SEO strategies that are focused more on building a business and marketing content, as opposed to just focusing on your site ranking.

  1. SEO Book

SEO Book is a guide that is solely focused on increasing your exposure and teaching you the ins and outs of SEO. The blog is a fantastic source of information because it’s been around for a very long time, but expect to pay a fair bit of money to get access to the private forum and training videos.

  1. Ahrefs SEO Blog

Ahrefs is a collection of tools that are aimed towards improving search traffic, giving you research options and analysis software. This makes their blog one of the most useful to read if you’re after data to use for your own campaigns. Sadly, it’s not updated very often.

  1. SEMrush Blog

If you’re looking for more than just SEO content, then SEMrush’s blog will have plenty of content that involves SEO, SEM, PPC and even social media. It’s a one-stop place to learn all about digital marketing and it’s updated frequently which is a huge bonus. There are plenty of long-term strategies on this website, making it a fantastic place to learn if you’re a beginner or expert in the field of SEO.

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